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Marty Roberts – Co-Founder

Marty Roberts
Marty and Belle

Marty Roberts began training retrievers when he was 17 years old in 1981. His father and mother, Ace and Betty Roberts of Memphis, Tennessee, presented him with a puppy for Christmas. Marty was instantly smitten. Already a duck hunter since his father along with mentor Johnny “Cuz” Tartera started taking him to the flooded timber of east Arkansas, having a retriever made things complete. He named the puppy “Jimbob,” and so began a lifelong passionate pursuit of raising, training, and hunting retrievers.

For many years he trained and worked gundogs as an amateur trainer. Then, when opportunity arose, he and his wife Molly Francis Roberts grabbed on with both hands, bought a farm in Oxford, Mississippi, built a kennel, traveled to Ireland, made contacts in England and Scotland, and dove in with all they had.

It has been a joy to the Roberts to have built relationships with clients from all over the U.S.A. and Canada, and also making friends from Ireland and the U.K. Needless to say, the fulfillment they've received from the dogs and puppies has been irreplaceable.

Daiva Rizvi, Holistic Nutritionist – Co-Founder

Daiva and Mojo

Growing up in a capital city of Lithuania, Daiva was lucky to be able to spend her summers at her grandparents farm. She loved all the wide-open spaces and farm animals she got to hang around, including many dogs. She spent three years of her early teens riding horses and taking care of local stray dogs in her neighborhood (without her parents knowledge). As a kid, she begged her parents endlessly to get her a dog, but it wasn’t in the cards, and she promised herself that when she is a mom, her kids will have a dog.

Daiva kept her promise and this little guy, Mojo, is the dog she always wanted and the one she promised her own future kids decades ago. Mojo has become an important part of the family. His endless curiosity and excitement is contagious. His unconditional love is priceless and so humbling.

Today, Daiva is also a holistic nutritionist and certified homeopath on a mission to help people live healthy, medication-free lives through a holistic approach to health. She holds a strong belief that our dogs deserve nothing less than that too. She is a tireless health researcher, both canine and human, and has happily joined Ultimate Dog team to lend her nutrition expertise to help our customers raise healthy and happy furry family members.

Buck Rizvi – Co-Founder

Buck and Rescue Pups
Buck And Rescue Pups

Buck’s first relationship with dogs began as an adolescent when his Dad brought home a Chihuahua pup. But his full understanding of what dogs do for us didn’t blossom until mid-life when a lab pup named Mojo joined the family to teach Buck patience, humility, and unconditional love.

Today, Buck is the Founder of 2 Natural Health brands that help a growing base of over 400,000 people worldwide live more vibrantly without prescription medication or surgery.

Through his work at Ultimate Dog, Buck focuses his natural health expertise on helping us return the unconditional love our dogs so richly deserve.

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