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Elevating Canine Wellness: Unleashing the Benefits of Rotational Feeding for Dogs

With over 90% of dog owners relying on commercial food to feed their canine companions, a steady diet that never changes has become the norm. Under the influence of a multi-billion dollar pet food industry, we’ve slowly adopted the belief that regularly switching up our dog’s food is unsafe. A steady commercial diet that never changes, we’ve been told, is the safest option.

Prescription Dog Food

Are Prescription Diets for Dogs Worth the Money?

If prescription diets for dogs aren’t actually prescriptions, should you listen to your vet when they recommend them? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at veterinary diets to determine what about them is beneficial, what is dangerous, and how you can better support your ailing dog’s health through nutrition.

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How to Improve Your Dog’s Kibble-Based Diet

The results showed dogs fed the standard diet had more yearly veterinarian visits on average, and their owners reported gastrointestinal, mobility, and behavioral issues at higher rates than owners feeding the alternative two diets. The most commonly reported health issue among the dogs in the study that were fed the commercial diet was gastrointestinal trouble, followed by problems with bones and muscles. 

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