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Rawhide for dogs

Rawhide for Dogs: Understanding the Dangers and Exploring Alternatives

Rawhide treats are a byproduct of the leather industry. In the production of leather, the hide of an animal (mostly cow) is split into inner and outer layers. The outer skin layer is manufactured into leather, and the inner layer is left over. That leftover inner layer is then collected from tanneries and made into rawhide chews through a lengthy process that includes a lot of chemicals. 

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Yucca root for dogs

Yucca Root for Dogs: Benefits and Drawbacks

It’s a sad truth that most commercial dog foods only contain the bare minimum nutrition our dogs need to thrive. If your dog’s digestive tract isn’t working at 100%, there's a good chance they're missing out on valuable nutrients. Even if you feed a high-quality diet that has more of these nutrients to offer, digestive inflammation and malabsorption could be preventing your dog from reaping all the benefits.

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Trazodone for dogs

Trazodone for Dogs: Uses, Side Effects, & Natural Alternatives

When my Chihuahua underwent drug therapy for his anxiety, he developed signs of liver dysfunction after just 45 days on the medication. Trazodone is gentler than the behavior modification drugs used back then, but it is still common for dogs that have been on it for more than six months to develop liver abnormalities.

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Steroid use in dogs

The Dark Side of Short & Long-Term Steroid Use in Dogs

Steroids don’t treat the condition but only attempt to manage the symptoms on the surface. The side effects of corticosteroid treatment are often worse than the original symptoms, including wounds that don’t heal, skin infections, diabetes, and many others. This article explores a realistic picture of short & long-term steroid use in dogs, sharing the dark side of its side effects that too many dog owners aren’t warned about. 

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Dog leash walking

Ultimate Guide to Dog Leash Walking: Mastering the Loose Leash

One of the biggest mistakes people make when dog leash training is yanking back on the leash. This doesn't teach your dog anything except that a tight leash is a fact of life, and they should ignore it. What we really want is for your dog to pay attention to a tight leash and realize they have the power to loosen it.

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