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why do dogs eat grass?

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

There are a handful of theories out there as to why dogs eat grass. If you’ve ever talked to other dog owners, your veterinarian, or even Googled the issue, then you’ve probably heard a few of these theories before.

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cytopoint for dogs

Is Cytopoint Safe For Dogs? Clinical Trial, Veterinary Practice, & Dog Owners’ Experiences

Many dog owners who have tried Cytopoint felt blindsided by the side effects they didn’t expect. The official information from the pharmaceutical company differs greatly from the users’ experiences, and it’s reasonable to ask how is that possible? Why were there reactions in the placebo group to begin with? There are several lenses through which we can examine the safety of Cytopoint, but let’s start with the infamous clinical trial. 

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dog ear infections

Effective Natural Home Remedies for Dog Ear Infections

If your pup is constantly battling ear infections, it is time to do something about it—to REALLY do something about it. This means addressing not just the pain and irritation you see on the outside, but fixing the cause of your dog’s chronic ear infections on the inside.

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Probiotics for dogs

The Benefits of Probiotic Use in Dogs

In addition to helping your dog digest fiber, these little creatures produce byproducts that help with the overall functioning of the gut and the absorption of nutrients. They also play a key role in defending the body against invasion by pathogens that your dog might pick up in their food or from licking the ground or chewing on an old bone.

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