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fasting for dogs

Surprising Health Benefits of Fasting Your Dog

An incredible amount of research supports the benefits of fasting. Different types of fasting were studied in connection to various diseases, organs, and health outcomes. There is a red thread connecting all of this research, a common point where all the studies eventually meet: delaying the aging process.

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raw dog food

Raw vs. Raw: Making Sense of All Raw Dog Food Options

It used to be that if you wanted to feed your dog raw, you had to prepare it yourself from scratch. Today, there are many commercial options for feeding raw food. These come in a variety of types, from freeze-dried to dehydrated to frozen.
But which is best for your dog?

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Prescription Dog Food

Are Prescription Diets for Dogs Worth the Money?

If prescription diets for dogs aren’t actually prescriptions, should you listen to your vet when they recommend them? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at veterinary diets to determine what about them is beneficial, what is dangerous, and how you can better support your ailing dog’s health through nutrition.

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dog anxiety

Dog Anxiety: The Brain-Gut Connection

Gut health is a crucial biological factor in the issue of dog anxiety. If their brain is not producing the necessary chemicals to make them feel safe and calm, their emotional responses (and therefore behaviors) will continue to be the same no matter how many environmental factors we address.

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