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gabapentin for dogs

Gabapentin for Dogs: Saving Grace or Questionable Choice?

Gabapentin is not FDA-approved for veterinary use. There is no regulation for this drug when it comes to administering it to dogs. Some veterinarians are prescribing gabapentin precisely because of the side effects, such as sedation. Dogs are given gabapentin before a stressful situation, such as traveling or a vet visit. The owners don’t realize that the sedation is actually a side effect of a strong drug that is normally given to epileptic patients.

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dog poop eating

The Real Science Behind Why Dogs Eat Poop

If your dog is partial to some poop, a habit known scientifically as coprophagia, then rest assured that this behavior is quite common. Poop eating has many potential causes; some require veterinary attention to rectify, while others can be fixed with some targeted behavioral training.

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