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CBD for dogs with cancer

Can CBD Oil Help Dogs With Cancer?

It may sound surprising, but research has indeed shown that CBD has anti-tumor effects by triggering cell-suicide in diseased cells – especially when used in combination with radiotherapy and chemotherapy. One study, in particular, noted a threefold increase in the survival rates of rats who were treated with CBD alongside chemotherapy when compared to chemotherapy alone.

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raw food for dogs

Raw Food for Dogs: recipes and more

Not only does a raw diet help prevent allergies, but it also contributes to firmer stools, a shinier coat, better energy levels, and improved dental hygiene. Your dog is much more likely to enjoy his mealtimes, too!

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dog anxiety natural remedies

5 Natural Sedatives for Dog Anxiety

Of course, not all natural sedatives are equal, and not all of them are suitable for every situation. There are many causes and types of anxiety in dogs. Why your dog is anxious has a significant impact on what natural remedies might work.

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