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dog anxiety

Dog Anxiety: The Brain-Gut Connection

Gut health is a crucial biological factor in the issue of dog anxiety. If their brain is not producing the necessary chemicals to make them feel safe and calm, their emotional responses (and therefore behaviors) will continue to be the same no matter how many environmental factors we address.

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Giardia in Dogs: Science-Backed Natural Treatments

Giardia is an intestinal parasite that infects up to 30% of dogs. This infection is called giardiasis. The main symptom of giardiasis is chronic diarrhea, a common symptom of gastrointestinal infections in dogs, which is why giardiasis is often misdiagnosed. The only way to diagnose it is by analyzing fecal samples, so a visit to the vet

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dog kidney dsease

Dog Kidney Disease: Causes and Prevention

Given how common kidney disease in dogs is, it is surprising how little we know about it. While treatments have gotten better, there is still no cure for chronic kidney disease, and we only have a tentative grasp on what causes this condition in otherwise healthy animals.

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dog eye discharge

Dog Eye Discharge: What You Should Know

Dog eye boogers are a fact of life. Just like humans, dogs’ eyes produce ocular discharge meant to help cleanse the eye of pathogens and foreign objects. This gunk can often build up in the corner of the eyes, especially after a long nap or a night of sleep. But not all dog eye boogers

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heat safety for dogs

Dog Heat Exhaustion: Keeping Dogs Cool in Summer

Being a life-threatening condition in which minutes make the difference between life and death, heat stroke is something every dog owner should worry about. It’s not just hot cars and abandoned dogs — every dog can overheat if we are not taking the right precautions. 

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