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CBD for dog hip dysplasia

CBD for Dogs With Hip Dysplasia: An Optimistic Look

Hip dysplasia develops in young dogs, during the first few months, but they may not start showing any symptoms of hip pain and deformity until later in life. Dog owners become aware that something is off with the dog’s hips when they notice lameness, meaning the dog’s stance and walk are visibly impaired and abnormal.

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Puppy crate training

How to Crate Train Your New Puppy

If left to his own devices, your puppy will get himslef into trouble, fast – one moment he’ll be chewing your favorite shoes, the next there’ll be a mess on the carpet. No matter how adorable they are, your pup will need a lot of training before he understands the rules of his new home – and one of the best ways to do this is by using a crate.

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Correct CBD dose for your dog

The Right CBD Dosage for Your Dog’s Weight and Condition

Knowing the mg dose of CBD for your dog is only the first step in understanding how much of a tincture your dog will need each day. Since many CBD oil tinctures contain different concentrations of CBD and different volumes of oil, you may need to do some math to figure out how much of the tincture to give.

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Can CBD Oil Cure Your Dogs Separation Anxiety

CBD: An Essential Tool for Treating Dog Separation Anxiety

Each time you leave your dog alone, it triggers their fears and calls to mind the negative memories associated with being alone. The anxiety they feel in that moment implants itself in those memories, making them even more powerful the next time they come up. This is one reason your dog may still shred the couch years after that thunderstorm triggered their initial separation anxiety.

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