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Frontline for dogs

Frontline for Dogs: Is It Really Safe and Effective?

Also worth noting, in many field-type studies, a number of participant dogs died due to tick-borne illness. This would indicate that Frontline is not completely effective in preventing tick bites, calling into question not just the safety of the product, but also its efficacy.

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dog weight problems

Everything You Need to Know About Dog Obesity

Recent studies suggest that up to 59% of dogs are overweight, with 20% of those considered obese. If your dog falls into either of these categories, you shouldn’t wait to do something about it.

Overweight dogs are more likely to suffer from many diseases and don’t live nearly as long as their skinnier counterparts. Luckily, the road to a thinner—and healthier—pet is just a few steps away.

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fasting for dogs

Surprising Health Benefits of Fasting Your Dog

An incredible amount of research supports the benefits of fasting. Different types of fasting were studied in connection to various diseases, organs, and health outcomes. There is a red thread connecting all of this research, a common point where all the studies eventually meet: delaying the aging process.

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